Photo  ©   Ela Angerer

Photo © Ela Angerer

As a creative consultant my focus is on the aesthetics, the look and style of things that surround us. 

I give advice and I support private clients or companies and labels regarding design, styling, product design and event design. I cooperate with people from the creative industry, such as photographers, designers and make-up artists, and I work in the field of interior design.

Often people are not aware of the possibility that things could look much nicer than in their current state. 

I introduce my clients to something they simply did not have on their radar before. The one and only goal is to create an aesthetically outstanding result. Due to the fact that I am bringing in my taste, style and personal view, I see my job as being in fluid transition to art.


M.A. in Linguistics (romanistic and finno-ugric), University of Vienna

Vivienne Westwood Ltd., London, accessories product manager

Rosamosario, couture lingerie, co-founder

MM Design, Frankfurt, interior design

Creative consultant, Vienna